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Paper on Bioceramics – Bioceramic Technology in Endodontics:
With both antimicrobial and sealing properties, bioceramic materials are the only materials available in endodontics that contribute to the success of both the microbial control phase (instrumentation, irrigation, intra-canal medication) and the filling phase (root and top filling) of root canal treatment. They are also an essential element in the indirect and direct pulp capping and pulpotomy procedures that are an integral part of endodontic therapy’s goal of maintaining the vital pulp to ensure a healthy periradicular periodontium. For these reasons, bioceramic materials are now the material of choice for pulp capping, pulpotomy, perforation repair, root-end filling, and obturation of immature teeth with open apices, as well as for sealing root canal fillings of mature teeth with closed apices. – Research Paper