I found the course to be incredibly informative and extremely interesting. I particularly enjoyed the hands-on components of the course and getting to try out the microscope and learning how to calibrate it and adjust the settings. The didactic portion I found to be quite educational and I will certainly be performing some of the recommended techniques in my upcoming root canal cases. I am eager to enroll in the second part of the course and will be looking forward to attending. My deepest appreciation to all of the faculty and staff for making this course such a gratifying experience. L. Fuentes, DDS ...See more

Laura Fuentes - New Jersey

Added on: March 10, 2017

The advanced Endodontic course conducted by Dr. Trope, Dr. Hupp and team is awesome. I went there expecting a regular course. But what I got was an awesome experience and abundance of knowledge offered in a relaxed and in a way that we understand and take home with us what we studied. All the lecturers were wonderful and even the basic sciences were so clearly rendered that they made sense. I came away completely satisfied and confident that I can render good endodontic treatment to my patient.A big thanks to all the team members at Streamlined Endodontics. Dr. Nibu Varguise, DDS, MS(Orofacial Pain), MDS(Prostho) ...See more

Nibu Varguise - Ontario

Added on: February 28, 2017

I have used the XP shaper on my patients with learned knowledge from the seminar. It is working beautifully!

Jin Song - New York

Added on: February 26, 2017

This is a 5-star course and learning institute! Before I signed up, I checked with an endodontist/faculty/friend who said Dr. Trope is an internationally renowned endodontist/scholar who has many publications and textbooks. When I was there, I found he is easy-going, humorous, broadly and in-depth knowledgeable and is very good at explaining the important factors in endo to the GPs. I myself am very inquisitive when I'm learning. Dr. Trope, his resident faculties and the almost equally prominent or talented guest faculties like him meet my learning expectations in a fun, friendly and comfortable learning environment that his team helps create, including Merrie the program coordinator. I am contemplating coming back for the 4-day course at some time. ...See more

Madeleine Zhao - Massachusetts

Added on: February 26, 2017

Streamlined Endodontics The course was amazing! It was very informative with good basic training on how to use the microscope. Dr. Trope and the other doctors were very nice and answered all our questions. The hands-on training was very good, especially with the new technology on how to use XP files. I recommend the course.

Zaid Al Yasiri - Michigan

Added on: February 26, 2017

I liked Next Level Endo because instead of teaching dogma from one rotary system they build their curriculum on a foundation of evidence based principles. And from there, they show you the best rotary system and protocol that meets those goals. All the teachers have feet in both the private practice and the academic world, giving you the latest reasearch in the forefront of endodontics. Thanks Next Level Endo for unlocking the mystery of molar endo and making it simple for me. I left being both a better technician and clinician! ...See more

Ken Lim - Washington

Added on: November 11, 2016

I am from China. And I think this is the best endo training course I have ever attended including [in] other countries. Especially most impressive is not only the hands-on operating procedures but [the] teachers' wonderful speeches.

Dr. Macoo Wu - China

Added on: April 01, 2016

This was my first Endo CE since graduating from dental school. I felt that I received a great deal of knowledge in general about endodontics but specifically I learned a lot about some of the most contemporary products and philosophies. The instructors were very engaging and I could feel that they had a passion for relaying information about the products and techniques they use. More importantly they explained why they use them. Overall, I feel this course was very valuable and increased my knowledge and confidence. ...See more

Dr. Scott Engle - Virginia

Added on: April 01, 2016

I decided to register for the next level endodontics course after a thorough search in all sorts of training provided by various groups in the USA and Europe. I was sure, even before attending the course, that I had made the right decision. That feeling was fully satisfied after completing the one- week immersion course taught by Dr Trope, Dr Hupp and the staff of the Penn Dental School. I don't think I've ever felt more 'accomplished' upon leaving an educational event. I fully enjoyed the hands-on workshop. The teaching style was engaging, motivating and superbly informative. It was a perfect overview, with all the necessary in-depth details. I strongly recommend this course to every one who wishes to offer high quality of endodontics in their daily practice. ...See more

Dr. Evangelos Patellis - Switzerland

Added on: April 01, 2016

Truly awesome experience. Drs. Hupp and Trope are great mentors, and they ensured we all left feeling like we achieved our individual goals. Prior to the course, I offered very limited endodontic services in my practice. The combination of hands-on training, didactic instruction, and live patient demonstration helped me to leave the class with increased knowledge and newfound confidence. One of the best CE classes I have ever taken. Thank you Drs. Hupp and Trope, Merrie, and the UPenn faculty for an amazing week! ...See more

Dr. Steven Bui - Texas

Added on: April 01, 2016

Thanks to [the] NLE team for upgrading my endodontic experience. It was [an] amazing week and one of the best endodontic course[s].

Dr. Kirill Kostin - Russia

Added on: April 01, 2016

Excellent course. Dr. Trope and Dr. Hupp presented an enormous amount of information and were both very good at answering all my questions. I started the course with some endo experience but this has taken my root canal treatments to the next level.

Dr. Derek Jones - Maine

Added on: April 01, 2016

I attended the One Week Immersion course. I definitely learned a great deal and enjoyed meeting the faculty at UPenn's Endo Department. During the course we had hands-on experience using microscopes to access, instrument and obturate extracted teeth and had one-on-one guidance from some of the best endodontists in the country. We also had opportunities to watch several root canal procedures as well an an endodontic surgery. Even after completing the course I've enjoyed being able to consult with Dr. Hupp on several occasions regarding my own patients. They put together a really top notch course and I would recommend it to anyone hoping to learn more about the latest research and technology in endodontics. ...See more

Dr. Kira Evans - Maryland

Added on: April 01, 2016

This course has provided me with so much context, perspective, and clinical knowledge that I feel confident to take on those root canals that made me shudder before. This class has enabled me to understand the leaps and bounds technology has made in this field while maintaining a firm footing on the fundamentals. A course with Next Level Endodontics is a must for any practitioner who has felt like their root canal treatment outcomes are in line with flipping a coin and are itching to work with the same confidence as a specialist; I highly recommend it! ...See more

Dr. Daniel S. Kim - New York

Added on: April 01, 2016

I would highly recommend this experience for anyone who wants to perfect their endodontic skills! The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and take their time to answer questions and help you with your individual needs. It is a great course!

Dr. Archana Kasi - Philadelphia

Added on: April 01, 2016

With the knowledge and skills I learned in the Advanced Endodontics: A to Z [course], I have taken my endodontic treatments to the 'next level'. I feel more confident with diagnosis and treatment planning for endodontic procedures and I am excited to do my next root canal!

Shannon Allison, DDS - North Carolina

Added on: April 01, 2016

This was one of the best hands on courses taken in 2014, where my Endodontic skills have improved, can put into practice the next day. The entire Endodontic team of doctors is there with hands on help to understand the rationale of endodontic therapy.

Dr. Reddy - New Jersey

Added on: April 01, 2016

Next Level Endodontics ADVANCED ENDODONTICS: A TO Z has totally revived my dental career and my practice. I have been to many endodontic seminars but none of them were good enough to give me confidence in providing high quality endodontic therapies. I could never finish molar root canals in one setting, or I was never happy with my root canal treatments. I was intimidated in doing any molar root canals. Because I was not happy with my root canal skills, I ended up referring most of molar root canal therapies to local endodontists. Now after completing this course, I have the confidence and the results to show that I am providing high quality endodontic therapies to my patients. I am doing more endo therapies than before and my production shows that I am doing really well. Learning how to use the dental microscope has upgraded my dental practice to a different level and I just do not understand how I did endodontic therapies without microscopes before. Now I own two dental microscopes. Dr Trope and Dr. Hupp have been very passionate about teaching us and helping us to get to the next level in endodontics. I know there are many dentists out there who are intimidated in doing molar root canals and want to know the secrets of specialists, [and] I think this is the course for you. This course will bring you to the next level in endodontic skills but financially you will be benefiting from it for the rest of your dental career. You will not regret it. I am doing between 10 to 20 cases a month when [previously] I was only doing less than a case a week. Thank God I took this course! ...See more

Jeremy Yoon - Washington

Added on: April 01, 2016

While searching for a comprehensive course in Endodontics, I came across Next Level Endodontics course led by top notch Drs. Trope and Hupp, supported by well known Penn faculty. Being a Penn graduate, I already knew about the immense knowledge the faculty possesses. They didn't let me down. The course was very comprehensive. The information was presented with easy to understand, systematic step by step instructions followed by hands on sessions on A to Z endo topics including retreatment, surgery, CBCT, microscopes and much more. They literally held my hand until I safely negotiated the dreaded MB2 consistently on extracted teeth which gave me the skill set and confidence to tackle difficult cases in my own office. I have continuously received valuable feedback on my work and all the students were given "lifetime free access" to all the instructors. They truly want us to succeed and provide the best care to our patients. I was honored to be a part of this course. I say "just do it"! ...See more

Dr. Mansi Oza, BDS, DMD - Maryland

Added on: April 01, 2016

Next Level Endodontics, A to Z program, is an amazing one! The combination of theory and practice gave me the tools and confidence necessary to provide quality care for all of my patients. Dr. Trope and Dr. Hupp were so generous with their time and helpful insight. They gave us tips and tricks to bring our endodontic skills to the next level and take on more difficult cases, with ease. Thanks to all of the team for a great experience.

Dr. Jacqueline Gaudet - Ontario

Added on: April 01, 2016

Next Level Endodontics is by far the most comprehensive endodontic course available today. I was very happy with how confident I felt after just one weekend in treating more complicated molar cases. I would highly recommend that anyone trying to either boost office production or have a more predictable RCT outcome invest in this class. It is time and money very well spent!!

Dr. Steve Nichols - Wyoming

Added on: April 01, 2016