Dr. Sabine Remensberger
Curriculum vitae
1985 – 1986 Study of Romance Languages and Theatre Studies at the University of Munich
1987 – 1993 study of dentistry at the Ludwig Maximillian University of Munich
1993 – 1995 Assistant Dental work in private practice, Dr. H. Kienle, Bad Woerishofen
Since 1993, numerous training courses abroad and national: Focus: Endodontics, Periodontics aesthetics, cranio-mandibular dysfunction, implantology
1996 founding of private practice with Dr. Thomas Rieger in Memmingen, Germany
Since 1997, training and teaching in dental endodontics
2000 – 2005 Teacher for dentistry in Memmingen, assistance education school
Since 2002 Chairman of the audit committee for dental specialist staff in dental school for assistance in Memmingen
2007 Certification in endodontics
2009 co-founded the endodontic training company TEC2 in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania, USA
2010 re-certification in endodontics
2012 Founding member together with Dr. Thomas Rieger of the 3-D Head Diagnostic Center Memmingen
Scientific papers thesis: “modified the methodology in dental replantation, histological and radiological investigation in animal models”, 2004 “KISS “ work book Endodontics, 1999 , in cooperation with Dr. Thomas Rieger, Memmingen, Germany
Coauthor of the paper “Simply Successful Endodontics” Case-history study of endodontically treated teeth with rotary instruments,
2001 Various publications in dental magazine
Dental Working Group Kempten
Founding member International Association of Endodontists
German Society for Computer-Based Dentistry
Association for the promotion of scientific dentistry